Bay View Music  Festival      

August  2017


Davia   Bouley, Brennan Martinez,

Robert Erhlichman,   Wagner Pástor,

Amanda Hoffman, Emily Totedo, Jin Yu

Andrew  René,  Brianna Murray, Liz Culpepper,  

Logan   Dell'Acqua  Tanner  Hoertz,  

Achilles  Bezanis and Stephan Wilson

George   Cederquist - Stage Director

Libor  Ondras -  Conductor

Nick Gisonde - Fight Choreographer

Ryann Corbett - Costume Designer

Alice Trent - Lighting  Designer

Claire Bouwkamp - Sceneic Designer

Claire Farrokh - Stage Manager

Camille Stillmen  - Assistant Stage Manager

Jennifer  Bolton - Props

Photo Credits: Adrian Boyer

Bay View Music Festival 2017

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