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March 22 - 25, 2018

The Secret Theatre

Long Island City, Queens

Dave Grant - Macbeth

Anna Carolina Davidson - Lady Macbeth

Ryan Kessler - Macduff

John Perry - Banquo/Young Siward

Melody Lam - 1st Witch

Rose Jensen - 2nd Witch/Angus

Bonnie Bairley - 3rd Witch/Gentlewoman/3rd Murderer

Caitlyn Meagher - Hecate/Lady Macduff/Porter/Caithness

Thomas Cambridge - Duncan/1st Murderer/Siward

Ben van Berkum - Malcolm

Jashiel Valerio - Ross

Nick Grabowski - Lennox

Lane Northcutt - Donalbain/2nd Murderer/Doctor

Pat McAndrew - Fleance/Macduff's Son/Seyton

Nick Gisonde - Director/Fight Coordinator/Scenic Designer

Lucy Roberts - Stage Manager

Megan Mills - Costume Designer

Jeff Aldrich - Lighting Designer

Deanna Gulick - Scenic Artist

Photo Credits: www.newyorkdrew.com


MACBETH Workshop

An ensemble building workshop performed by a group of 9 actors exploring the characters, relationships, politics and supernatural forces; Playing around with the main themes of ambition, power, prophecy and broken brotherhood which makes up this timeless masterpiece of William Shakespeare

The Cast

McKey Carpenter, Anna Carolina Davidson, Christopher Delacruz, Nick Gisonde,

Dave Grant, Rose Jensen, Ryan Kessler, Melody Lam and Ben van Berkum

Directed by

Nick Gisonde

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