Acting – Movement – Stage Combat 

Workshop for Singers


This comprehensive performance workshop emphasizes the skills of acting, movement and stage combat for singers. So often singers focus on vocal technique first. Their other necessary training in acting and movement becomes secondary. It has been in my experience, the two need to go hand in hand. I truly believe the performer needs to develop their entire instrument. I offer many different workshop packages based on your program’s budget and needs. The minimum workshop would be 2 days. I also offer 3 and 5 day workshops. Individual training sessions are also available. Please contact me for rates and availability.


Each session is 6 hours with a one-hour break


Workshop 1 - 2 Days 

Acting – ½ day (3 hours), Movement ½ day (3 hours), Stage Combat – 1 full day (6 hours)


Workshop 2 – 3 Days 

Acting –1 day (6 hours), Movement – 1 day (6 hours), Stage Combat – 1 day (6 hours)


Workshop 3 – 5 days

Acting – 2 days (12 hours), Movement – Full day (6 hours), Stage Combat – 2 days (12 hours)



Warm up

Acting Fundamentals

Theater Games and Acting Exercises


Building a Character

Working with the emotional centers of the body

Working with Text





Warm up

Movement Fundamentals

Laban Movement Quality Exercises

Animal Exercises

Age Exercises

Leading Center Exercises

Building a Character through movement

Period Style movement

Stage Combat (techniques taught are based on length of the workshop)

Warm up

The Fundamentals of Stage Combat and Safety

Unarmed Combat

Rapier and Dagger


Fight Choreography

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